The World of LuxPlena is around the corner!

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We’ve been playing many games for a while. We all love a nice throwback when we feel the nostalgia. Steam Greenlight has chosen Florensia, a next-generation MMO. It was released on October 15, 2008. It had over 1,000,000 players from all over the world during its first year. Its combat was really unique and refreshing at the time. This game has seen its ups and downs, but it is finally here.

It has been years since most of us started our journey in Roxbury, killing Fungi and Talking Parrots. We remember the first time we created our own ship, navigating Hoomanil without a care in the world. Remember when that PKer killed you because you though lawless zone was a “lol” zone? Well, you can relive those moments now on Steam!

Download the game here:

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