Endless Lines XIV: Stormqueue (Balmung Edition)

We have been waiting for hours. The excitement and disposition has finally paid off once we got past the +400 queue on Balmung. We rode our mounts singing, happy songs of a better Eorzea just to find out we have been queued. We were supposed to turn one quest in, but something terrible happened! As soon as you engaged in conversation with the NPC, the quest didn’t go through or didn’t appear!

Apparently, the quest named “Best Served with Cold Steel” has been a bottleneck experience here on Balmung. Hundreds of Heroes of Light have been lining up, hoping to finish this quest by nightfall. The stress, despair and lack of hope is imminent when you look at them. Some people have resorted to engage in wild battles, others just tease each other in public chat until they get triggered. Nevertheless, the stress and anxiety has taken over everyone near Gyr Abania.

The chaos is imminent when people keep appearing and disappearing, back into the endless queue of more than 2,500 people. The struggle of fate is too strong of a medicine for those who are combatting against such unavoidable enemy. Our heroes keep asking themselves about the purpose of this endless line of terrible humors and dissatisfaction, but Stormblood is packed enough to keep these people hooked up until the end of this line.

Will this line end? We will find out next time when the crowds diminish and the endless spiral of static queues disappear and everything goes back to normal!

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