Dealing with Earth Tower!

As you may already know, Earth Tower is quite challenging for those who haven’t done it before. The layers of advancement inside the tower are dependent on constant communication, skill, and dedication. People expect to waltz ET without thinking that there might be people that have not done this before or that they need to practice and sharpen their skills. Tonight was really a insight on how we can do things as a guild and as a community. I know some people felt that they are going to give up, but the key here is perseverance.

Like we have seen on many MMOs, raiding is pretty much like an organized meeting expecting to fulfill certain goals. You need to be patient, alert, and open to criticism or changes. We certainly can judge others by their performance, but I think it’s unfair if they haven’t gone through the same experiences and mistakes. We can only assume from the imminent results, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the end of your adventure.

I encourage every Savior to try Earth Tower at least once in their gaming lifetime. Not because it bears great treasures and amazing prestige, but it’s a good way to reinforce certain basic values that the Tree of Savior community has been forgetting as time goes by. Bonding with guildmates is definitely a rewarding experience to cherish and treasure, but also bonding with outsiders brings a forgotten gaming experience. It makes us remember painful, yet amazing memories like waiting for 2-3 hours just to run one dungeon in games like Final Fantasy XI or Ragnarok Online. We really appreciated being there not because we wasted endless hours for a dungeon pass, but because we established social connections with people outside our comfort zones. We went on a wild adventure and we really got so much more than a bunch of loot or ultimate weapons. We got lifetime companions, endless memories and lots of stories to tell.

Again, my dear Saviors, do not be discouraged by Earth Tower. It’s tough and arduous, but the milestone you’ll make will definitely be a reward you will never forget as a person and as a gamer. There are always rotten apples out there, but we can always pluck them and make our garden an amazing place to relax, enjoy, and share with newcomers and veterans alike.

Our guildies doing ET for the first time. Fun times!

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